A YOUNG Neston businesswoman is calling on consumers to beware the cruel reality behind mink eyelashes.

Rebecca Porritt has set up Dare Lashes, an ethical alternative to what she says is "an awful trade" where mink are inhumanely treated and slaughtered for their fur.

The former Neston High School pupil, who is now going into her third year studying marketing at Liverpool John Moores University, explained how her lash brand was mink free and therefore cruelty free.

She said: "My brand is 'Dare Lashes' and quite literally, we are daring to be different.

"Many lash brands, unfortunately, state that they are 100 per cent cruelty free despite selling mink eyelashes.

"Sadly, there are no laws to regulate the use of this term, leading to many consumers being unfairly deceived. I have had countless messages about how consumers were completely unaware and were duped into making unethical decisions by mistake.

"As a brand we donate five per cent of our proceeds to WWF to help stamp out the cruel fur trade.

"The reason that mink lashes can never be cruelty free is that, these poor animals are kept in small, depressing wire cages and are often gassed and slaughtered for their fur.

"Mink are not meant to be kept in confinement. I'm in shock that lashes using mink fur are not already banned, like fur coats have been.

"Not only do consumers not realise the cruelty behind these lashes, many don't even realise that a mink is an animal. We have written an informative blog post about the cruelty of mink eyelashes on our website (www.darelashes.com).

"We hope to educate people and save them from unknowingly contributing to this awful trade.

"With each purchase we also include a card informing customers about the abhorrent fur trade.

"Our motto that is emblazoned on to our packaging is 'SAY NO TO MINK'."

Animal rights campaigners PETA say mink are the most commonly farmed fur-bearing animals in the world.

Additionally, mink cannot be kept on 'free-range' farms as they are said to be aggressive, solitary animals and would fight each other within the restricted area.

  • To find out more about Dare Lashes, visit www.darelashes.com or follow @darelashes on Instagram.