PUPILS and staff at St. Winefride’s Catholic Primary School have let their creativity blossom.

The school, together with Chester Zoo, has been working to raise awareness of the need to protect their environment and native species of animals, birds and insects through a topic that they have entitled ‘Seeds of Change’.

Through the project, which is rooted in the National Curriculum, the children are being educated and encouraged to appreciate, understand and care for their environment, local and global.

Staff encouraged the children’s natural curiosity to enrich their knowledge, understanding and language, empowering the children to realise that they can make a difference.

Chester and District Standard:

The staff at the school sourced and organised a variety of wonderful resources, to personalise the curriculum for their children – fully immersing the children into understanding more about the world in which they live and facilitating the children into taking ownership for their future and the future of generations to come.

To celebrate all the children’s hard work, a celebration of the ‘Seeds of Change’ project evening was held at St Winefride’s. Parents, carers, parishioners, governors, teachers from other primary schools, members of the local community and representatives from Ignite and Chester Zoo were proudly guided by students to view their work.

Alex Hannaway, Year 5 pupil, said: “I really enjoyed our ‘Seeds of Change’ topic as it helped me to understand a lot more about the environment that I didn’t know before.

"Because of this, I now understand that we need to look after our planet, otherwise, in the future, things could be very different. I am one tiny seed and I can make a difference and that’s exactly what I intend to do.”