SCHOOLCHILDREN have been lining up to help promote an eco-friendly campaign for Neston.

Year 6 pupils of Woodfall Primary and Nursery School took part in a flash mob conga at Neston Market as part of their project to make Neston and Parkgate the World’s first Sustainable Palm Oil Town.

This follows the news Chester was named the World’s first Sustainable Palm Oil City earlier this year.

Youngsters spoke about the project in front of the whole market, while others handed out leaflets and chatted to people about the project.

Year 6 pupils have also written letters to explain the school's project.

Glenda Blakemore, of the Sustainable Palm Oil Project at Woodfall Primary and Nursery School, said: "The children have absolutely loved being a part of this challenge, and we are very proud of how they have so enthusiastically involved themselves in it."

Sustainable Palm Oil Town is a collaborative project for businesses in Neston and Parkgate.

Local businesses are being sought to support the initiative, working to ensure the food and household products they buy and sell contain palm oil from sustainable sources.

The school would like as many businesses in the local area to get involved and sign up.

Those interested should email to find out more or visit to pledge your commitment.

The initiative is part of Chester Zoo’s campaign to help protect South East Asian rainforests, which are being wiped out by the spread of oil palm plantations.

The oil is used in thousands of household products such as convenience foods, cleaning materials and cosmetics, and demand is growing. Orangutans are among many species being pushed to the brink of extinction through loss of habitat.