A MAN who dislocated a female police officer's finger as he was being arrested in Ellesmere Port has been jailed.

Jack Craig Davies, 30, of Frobisher Road, Neston, admitted attacking police officers Emily Dodd and Lois Elvey-Lawless, using threatening behaviour against them, and being drunk and disorderly in Westminster Road, Ellesmere Port.

He also pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour in the Countess of Chester Hospital later that day, including a charge of being threatening towards police officers Jacques Locke and Matthew Newton.

The offences meant Davies, who appeared at Chester Magistrates Court on Monday from custody, had breached a suspended sentence order for the second time.

That had been imposed last August for possession of a knife, and was breached for the first time in May, when the sentence was suspended for an additional two years.

As a result, magistrates sent Davies to jail for a total of 48 weeks.

Prosecuting, Alan Currums told the court the first offence happened at 5.45pm on Friday at a car park off Westminster Road, and resulted in one of PC Dodd's fingers being dislocated.

While in custody, there was concern for Davies's welfare and he was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital, where he was abusive and threatening and was further arrested.

Defending, Richard Simm said Davies had been making good progress on his community order between last August and April, when the first breach was committed.

Davies had a border personality disorder which meant he had issues when officers approached him and physically touching him.

There had been an incident earlier on Friday, June 14, when police had approached him but then told him: "OK, you can go," implying they had got hold of the wrong person, Mr Simm told the court.

That had put Davies in a bad frame of mind and, after drinking that day, he told PCSOs to go away when they were called to him following concerns over his mental health.

Police officers arrived and, while Mr Simm said Davies had a right not to accept help or engage, Davies used "much more colourful language" and ended up swearing at officers.

When they went to handcuff him, the situation escalated and Davies tried to wrench his hands away, which led to one of the officers dislocating her finger.

Davies then ran off and hid in a convenience store before being found.

Mr Simm said: "He is at pains to point out it was to get away from the officers, not to cause them any injury."

Davies had mental health issues and custody could result in him losing his accommodation, meaning he could potentially be out on the streets on his release, Mr Simm added.

Chair of magistrates Bill Garnett told Davies: "We have taken a long and hard look at this. It's a serious set of offences. All your behaviour was directed at people in the emergency services."

Davies was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison for the assaults on the police officers, plus an additional 22 weeks for being in breach of his suspended sentence.

He must also pay £200 compensation to PC Emily Dodd and £150 compensation to PC Lois Elvey-Lawless.