CHESTER has been named one of the best cities for hosting in the UK. has revealed which properties in the city have come up trumps for their hosting skills after the city was named one of the best for hosting, alongside Cheltenham, Harrogate, Plymouth, Stratford upon Avon, Blackpool, Bath, Torquay and Llandudno.

In a UK comparison over two years, Chester managed to rake in particularly positive reviews in terms of average staff score when analysing accommodation in the area, making it one of the UK’s top towns and cities for hosting.

Ten local properties particularly stood out for their fantastic hospitality and hosting skills.

They are: Chester Brooklands Bed & Breakfast, New House, The Chapel Chester - Boutique Apartments, Grosvenor Place Guest House, Avalon, The Racecourse Garden, Golden Eagle, Bramble Barn Retreat, Mitchells of Chester Guest House, and Chester Apartments. revealed that guests most appreciate hosts who make them ‘feel at home’ (63%), as well as hosts that can give them that local insight and ‘insider’ knowledge about the best places to visit in the area.

Little things also make all the difference when it comes to the experience of a guest stay, with 70% of people in the UK classing the perfect host as someone who adds small touches that create a welcoming atmosphere.

This includes arranging a candle-lit room (64%) or providing extra delicacies such as tea, coffee and edible treats (58%).