PLANS to create a livestock building and increase a slurry lagoon have been given the go ahead despite concerns from neighbours.

Wrexham Council's planning committee met on Monday afternoon to discuss proposals for the construction of an agricultural building on a farm in Golly, Rossett.

The scheme also included alterations to an existing slurry lagoon to increase its capacity.

A report to the committee explained the proposals came about as a way of increasing the dairy herd size on the farm from 500 to 700.

Planning control officer David Williams said at the meeting: "Subject to the appropriate materials, we don't think it would have an adverse impact on the landscape - this is not a special landscape area.

"There have been concerns raised in relation to an increase in traffic.

"This has been investigated and pursued with the applicants, who have confirmed again that there will not be a substantial increase."

He also explained the height of the proposed building had been reduced from previous proposals.

But the report to councillors included concerns from Rossett Community Council that the reduction in height did not alter its previous objection to the size of the building and the number of cattle to be housed.

Four neighbouring residents objected, raising concerns over an increase in traffic movements, the odour, the size of the building and others.

In its conclusion, the report states: "Good design will support good health and welfare of the herd.

"The building has been developed with this in mind so as to maximise the welfare of the livestock it is to house and to ensure that it is in-keeping with the existing built environment."

Following the debate, member opted to approve the plans.