BREXIT Party activists who displayed party signage across Overleigh Roundabout in Chester on Thursday were told to remove the signs by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The campaigners had displayed numerous signs from early on Thursday, on the day residents have been going to the polls for the Euro elections.

Campaigners also stood at traffic islands waving party signage at motorists.

Cheshire police confirmed officers had been made aware of the activity and were told the last of the campaigners would leave at 10am.

Following reports from residents to the council the signage was still in place around the roundabout, the council confirmed it had sent out a team to remove the signs.

A council spokesman confirmed the council team had been deployed to the roundabout, explained to campaigners they did not have permission to have the signs on the roundabout, and told them to take the signs down.

The spokesman added the campaigners "had no issue" with that and they removed the signage, which was all gone by 3.30pm.

The authority is responsible for the removal of signs, posters and stickers it considers have been placed on public and/or council-owned land without relevant permission.

Residents who fail to comply could expect to be fined.