A 16-YEAR-OLD 'miracle dog' who showed incredible bravery in recovering from a horrific road traffic accident has won a Chester vet surgery's Pet of the Month award.

Dollar, a Jack Russell terrier bitch, suffered multiple injuries in the accident after running out in front of owner Andy Hardwick's Jeep.

But Dollar showed incredible fighting spirit and, despite stopping breathing at one point during surgery, has made a strong recovery.

Local businessman Andy, from Tarbock, Merseyside, had Dollar from a puppy and she had proven to be the perfect companion, accompanying him at work for the past 15 years.

The accident happened at their farm work base when Dollar shot out of the office and into the path of Andy’s oncoming vehicle. Andy was shocked and horrified, convinced his lovely dog would not survive.

He immediately rushed Dollar to his local veterinary practice, who stabilised her and then referred her to ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists in Chester for a full investigation of her injuries and for surgery.

Andy said: “I was in shock, I really believed that Dollar wouldn’t make it as my Jeep had run her over and she was in a dreadful state with blood pouring from a throat injury.

"My vet said I would need to prepare myself for the worst, but I was racked with guilt and just wasn’t ready to give up on her. She is such a lovely easy-going loyal member of our family.”

ChesterGates’ soft tissue veterinary surgeon Lissie Henderson was able to operate on Dollar and although the team was dubious about her chances of surviving, they all gave it their best shot.

Andy added: “Apparently, Dollar stopped breathing during surgery and they had to sort out her jaw and massive damage to her throat.

"After surgery, she had a feeding tube inserted and was so weak but after almost a week, she rallied round and when we went to see her she climbed out of the crate and we realised that she had turned a corner.

“The staff were fantastic. They gave her the very best of care and beyond that, so much love and attention. We didn’t dare hope that she would recover and I still can’t believe that she is back home with us.

"She really is a ‘miracle dog’ and I just feel it was all about the love we and everyone at ChesterGates had for her.”

Lissie said: “To the ChesterGates’ team Dollar is known as the ‘Miracle Dog’. Even at 16 years old, Dollar never once let us doubt her fighting spirit! Her character and her owners’ dedication are the main reasons why she is still with us today.

“Dollar was involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in shock, several skin wounds and breathing difficulties. Dollar was also severely neurologically affected, losing the ability to stand, walk and eat.

“After some intensive nursing care, wound management, surgery and of course time, Dollar’s personality is as strong as ever.

"Her feeding tube is out and she’s happily eating and drinking by herself. She’s at home doing some light exercise and having a lot of tender loving care.”

Andy concluded: “Dollar made a remarkable recovery. Words fail me, I never dreamt that she would recover like she has. The team at ChesterGates were all very reassuring and Lissie was so devoted to her recovery.”

ChesterGates’ awarded their Pet of the Month title to Dollar in recognition of her bravery and in keeping a happy, positive disposition in the face of such adversity.