A CHESTER hospital team is heading to Kenya this month to help provide crucial hernia treatment in deprived communities.

Hospital director of Nuffield Health Chester Hospital John Pickering and operating department practitioner Sue Daly will be rejoining a team of surgeons from charity Hernia International in Gatundu, Kenya.

The duo will be busy educating local Gatunda hospital staff on how to treat and repair hernias, as well as performing much-needed hernia repairs on patients from the local communities.

Hernia International, the UK’s premier Hernia charity, delivers modern techniques of hernia surgery in low-income countries. It provides men, women and children crucial hernia treatment in rural areas, where there is no direct or affordable access to medical care.

Mr Pickering said: “There are an estimated 6.3 million untreated hernia cases in sub-Saharan Africa, that if left untreated, can be both debilitating and ultimately life threatening.

“The charity relies solely on volunteers to provide essential medical support to thousands of people with hernias. We’re proud to be supporting this mission by providing key training, procedures and medical supplies.”