A FLINTSHIRE resident has taken it into her own hands to warn speeding drivers to slow down.

Saltney resident Caroline Coleclough has become so fed up with the dangers speeding cars cause in her area she has written the words 'slow down' in huge lettering across the road.

Miss Coleclough, who lives on Eaton Grove, to the streets with her chalk after hearing of recent reports of speeding cars.

She explained: "There have been reports of people speeding into Eaton Grove, there is a blind corner with a big hedge so people's vision is extremely limited.

Chester and District Standard:

"There are children playing on this street so I have been out with my chalks.

"If the council aren't going realise we have speeding problem in Saltney and take steps to deal with it, then as community we are going to keep fighting.

"Our roads are like a race track and it's simply an accident waiting to happen."

Eaton Close is a street off Park Avenue, where ten-year-old Alfie Watts was tragically the victim of a hit and run in January.

Miss Coleclough added: "Little Alfie was hit just round the corner from my house, so we owe it to him alone to keep fighting speedings cars.

The issue of speeding cars in Saltney is a major one, with campaigns for 20mph limits and speed bumps being called for by residents in recent times.

Miss Coleclough also was one of the organisers of a petition demanding safer roads in Saltney which gained over 2,500 signatures.