POORLY youngsters can now take control of their journey to the operating theatre at the Countess of Chester Hospital – behind the wheel of a mini Tesla car.

The Radio Flyer electric vehicle, which is based on the £75k Model S, is one of 500 donated across the country by the Tesla Owners UK group.

It is hoped it will help alleviate anxiety for children as they make their way to tests, investigations and surgery along the Liverpool Road hospital’s corridors.

Anne Martyn, Matron for Children’s services at the Countess, said: “For a child, heading to theatre can be a daunting journey but now we will use the car so they can drive themselves in the hope of reducing stress and making it a more enjoyable experience.

“Going to an operating theatre is an experience that can stay with people for the rest of their life but we’re hoping that we can now make that a happy memory.”

Chester and District Standard:

The snazzy car features a ‘Frunk’ for children to carry a teddy and a special cable so they can connect a music device to listen to their favourite song on the way.

The idea has since been supported by Tesla with founder and CEO Elon Musk backing the idea offering to match owner’s donations.

Alex and James, sons of Tesla Owner Tim who kindly donated their mini Model S, said: "Our dad told us about how the Tesla owners club were donating their mini Tesla cars.

“We saw how the hospitals were using them and the difference they made to the children – we knew it was the right thing to do to donate our car to help poorly children feel better as they go for an operation.”

Deryn Harvey, Mini Tesla Coordinator at the Tesla Owners Group UK, added: “The car is sure to bring joy and alleviate anxiety in young children in hospital. This mini-Tesla is one of 500 we have placed across the country thanks to our members’ donations.”