NEWLY planted trees have been vandalised for the second time in the space of a week.

Following 'soul destroying' damage to recently planted tree on Park Avenue recreation ground in Saltney, freshly planted trees in a park on the Bradshaw Avenue area of the town have been now been vandalised.

Police have described the damage as 'mindless' and are now appealing for information to assist with their enquiries.

Cllr Richard Lloyd, who helped plant the trees, said: "It makes you wonder why you bother really, you put effort in to help the environment and add greenery to the town and a few people just won't leave them be to grow.

"I'm convinced it's the same group who are plaguing the town with criminal damage."

Saltney youth councillor Shaun Hingston expressed his disgust at the news.

He said: "Disgusted to hear from county councillor Richard Lloyd (of Mold Junction Ward) that the trees planted on Bradshaw Avenue have also been damaged.

"This mindless vandalism is unacceptable. The police have been notified and the vandals, if caught, shall be dealt with seriously."

A spokesman for South Flintshire Police said: "Over the past week, persons unknown have decided to cause criminal damage to newly planted trees in both parks on Park Avenue and Bradshaw Avenue.

"Anyone with information in relation to either incident please call 101 quoting reference number19100156033."