PEOPLE living in and around Delamere Forest have been puzzled by the appearance of strange, eerie lights among the trees.

They could be forgiven for think that the forest was the sight of a UFO encounter - and they would not be far wrong.

The forest is increasingly being used as a location for films and television - including a BBC adaptation of War of the Worlds and a new Netflix series called The Stranger.

Chester and District Standard:

Photo: Lee Cartwright

The dense forest has recently been used as a backdrop for dramatic scenes of an alien invasion for the latest adaptation of H G Wells classic War of the Worlds.

The Peter Harness' three-part adaptation the sci-fi classic will be screened on BBC One later this year.

And more recently, a car chase was filmed for The Stranger, a series due to be shown on Netflix later this year starring Hannibal and The Hobbit actor Richard Armitage.

Few details are available about the eight-episode series, based on Harlan Coben’s novel, but the synopsis from Netflix reads: “ A secret destroys a man’s perfect life and sends him on a collision course with a deadly conspiracy in this shocking thriller.

“Adam Price has a good life, two wonderful sons, and a watertight marriage - until one night a stranger sits next to him in a bar and tells him a devastating secret about his wife, Corinne.

“Soon Adam finds himself tangled in something far darker than even Corinne’s deception, and realises that if he doesn’t make exactly the right moves, the conspiracy he’s stumbled into will not only ruin lives — it will end them.”

One resident of Station Road said weird sightings were becoming more common in the forest.

He said: There's a weird chunky looking prop with bright lights attached to it, suspended from a really high crane arm, above white gate car park and its mega bright. It lit up my house through the windows yesterday. I've not heard any noises or anything though."

The lights certainly piqued residents' curiosity.

Posting in the Delamere and Oakmere Facebook group, Jacqui Brooks asked: "What are the giant lights on the skyline over far side of the forest for?"

Sarah Evans said: "We have wondered every morning/evening...query aliens abduction of locals, building, concerts..can tell kids the truth now?"

Ellen Piercy replied: "Nah, stick with the aliens story, MUCH more exciting."

Others described the filming as "exciting" and "very, very bright".

The forest has become popular with television and film producers, with episodes of ITV drama Cold Feet filmed there recently.

Residents have been told filming is permitted until 1am.