A WREXHAM businesswoman is urging females across Chester and North Wales who work for themselves to join a group which will help stop them feeling lonely and isolated.

Rachel Lamsley, who heads up the award-winning female collective Girl Tribe Gang in Chester and North Wales is on a mission to reduce loneliness amongst women working from their kitchen tables.

And she will start with a meet up at The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel in Chester on March 6.

Girl Tribe Gang is a national community of women who work for themselves, are spinning a side hustle, or who aspire to quit the nine to five, with a mission to reduce isolation and loneliness and to support and nurture entrepreneurism, by connecting like-minded women in their communities.

It was founded by ex NHS Strategist, turned female focused psychotherapist and mum-of-four, Catherine Asta Labbett after she experienced loneliness and isolation after launching her business Bringing Sparkle Back.

She launched Girl Tribe Gang in her home town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, in May 2017 with just £200.

Since then, Girl Tribe Gang has seen phenomenal growth right across the UK, with now 40 Tribes (and growing) across the UK, and more than 1500 members.

Girl Tribe Gang is on a mission in 2019 to reduce the loneliness and isolation of thousands of women and to champion the health and wellbeing of this fast-growing workforce of women.

Rachel Lamsley, who lives in Wrexham, co-founded Evans Lamsley with her business partner Nick Evans.

She will now lead the Chester and North Wales Tribe of Girl Tribe Gang, whilst co-ordinating with founder, Catherine Asta Labbett.

Ms Lamsley said: “This is a really exciting venture for me and one I’m honoured to be involved in.

"I’m looking forward to finding like-minded women in my community, women who are working from their kitchen table or home office doing work that works for them and bringing everyone together.

"It’s all about creating a community of like minded women, a level playing field and an eco-system of support and encouragement amongst women who totally get what it feels like to be on your own in business, or aspiring to one day quit the nine to five.”

Ms Lamsley is inviting others to join her at her meet up on March 6 at The Grosvenor Pulford.

Catherine Asta Labbett said: "Our tribe has brought together many women who were at the height of their corporate careers, but who craved more freedom and flexibility and wanted to quit the nine to five.

"I’ve found so many women out there who have achieved so much and have so much experience to share, but who felt they needed support when going alone.

“There is a whole generation of women who are taking risks and following their dreams and we are a hidden workforce. We are a workforce that connects predominantly on social media, but we need more ‘real life’ connection and to be connecting with the right people who are going through similar things.”

Anyone interested in attending the can book a guest ticket to attend the launch via https://girltribegang.co.uk/tribes/chester/