A WIG shop in Hoole has been showing its support for people with cancer over the past year.

Morgan's Wig Store, on Charles Street, offers a range of wigs and scalp treatments for people experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, or have the condition alopecia.

Store manager Claire Bellis explained how the store, which first opened in January 2018, provides a unique service for people in the area.

Claire, who lives in Mancot, said: "I have a lot of patients coming in from hospitals. We have been working along all the hospitals in North Wales, along with the Morgan's shop in Prestatyn, and we are now part of the National Wig Framework which allows us to work with Clatterbridge and the Countess of Chester Hospital.

"It's very rewarding; people are very nervous when they first come in, having first been diagnosed. We can offer a one-to-one consultation which can be as long as they need, whether it's 30 minutes or two hours.

"We have an appointments system, and sometimes people find it hard as they are undergoing chemotherapy and are too unwell to come, so I will go out and provide home visits.

"We are very empathetic. I can really relate to the patients coming in, as I lost my mum three years ago to leukaemia.

"We offer a service which you can't get elsewhere."

Claire explained the range of products available.

"We have information on scalp coolers, wig structures and sleep caps which can support them.

"There are four ranges; Ellen Wille, Trendco, Natural Image and Dimples, and they are all fantastically made. We try and match people to their type of hair, tailored to each patient.

"For sleep caps, it can be quite daunting when they first lose their hair, and their head goes really cold, so the sleep caps are made from bamboo and provide a comforting option.

"On scalp coolers, they are to prevent people losing hair and are for people having chemotherapy or after having chemotherapy.

"They aren't for everyone, as they are cold to wear and they are worn for 30-90 minutes, depending on the patient. Some try them as an option at first but find them uncomfortable.

"We have also helped alopecia patients, where women have hair growing in some places on their head but not others, so don't need a full wig."

The Chester store, along with its sister stores in Prestatyn and Coventry, has helped support four hair loss charities.

They are Alopecia UK, Look Good Feel Better, the Little Princess Trust and mynewhair.

Claire, who has three children and two grandchildren, added she has had great support from the local area.

She said: "Hoole has been so welcoming as a community, they are really nice. Over the past year we have been really busy and we have had all sorts of thank you letters from patients.

"I have been a hairdresser since I was 16, I managed the family business for 12 years and got involved to work with Rebecca [Morgan-Brennan, Morgan's Wigs Ltd regional co-ordinator]. I have got a passion for hairdressing and I absolutely love it here."

  • For more information on Morgan's Wig Store, visit www.morganshairandbeauty.co.uk or call 01244 637360.