IT may have been a cold winter's day, but it was still a perfect opportunity for youngsters at a Chester school to learn more about the beach.

The Queen’s Lower School in Chester has introduced Beach School to the curriculum as part of its outdoor education provision for pupils aged 4-11.

Reception pupils led the way for the first expedition as, armed with buckets, spades and a fair amount of trepidation, they headed to West Kirby beach for the morning.

On arrival, the girls refreshed their knowledge of the ‘Beach Code’ and then set to work learning in the great outdoors. Their task was to embed symmetry, and so they began collecting resources: bladder wrack, cockle shells, whelk egg cases, drift wood, and some mermaid purses were among the finds.

The learning took an unexpected route when the girls discovered they were able to draw in the sand; letter and name writing became the focus before they ended the session with a beach expedition.

Lunch was eaten on the banks of the marina, under the watchful eye of some hopeful seagulls!

Head of Lower School Iona Carmody, a fully qualified and highly experienced Beach School leader, said: “Beach School offers many opportunities for creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, resilience and perseverance, not to mention the benefits of physical health and mental well-being.

“Mother Nature is full of surprises, and the chance for children to take learning in so many different directions makes a Beach School session all the more memorable and most of all fun!

“The girls get to learn about the coastline on their doorstep, and this knowledge will add to their awareness of the environmental responsibility we all have to protect and care for our natural heritage.”