A CHESHIRE woman who deliberately ran over two women as part of a revenge attack has been jailed.

Kim Venables, of Elizabeth Street, Crewe was sentenced to nine years and nine months in prison at Chester Crown Court on Monday, February 4.

The 39-year-old had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, attempted grievous bodily harm with intent and failing to provide a blood sample.

She was also disqualified from driving for five years and ordered to take an extended retest.

Prosecuting, Mike Stephenson told the court the charges related to an incident which occurred on Saturday, January 5 after Venables had arranged to meet one of the victims at The Raven pub, in Crewe, so that the pair could settle a long-running dispute.

The 20-year-old woman – Toni Farington – agreed to the meeting and shortly before 1.15pm she went to the pub on Brookhouse Drive with a 30-year-old friend, the second victim, Zara Morgan.

Venables arrived with a 36-year-old woman and the group were subsequently involved in a verbal altercation.

Following the disagreement, the Ms Farrington and Ms Morgan were both collected from the pub and dropped off on Davenport Road near to Smallbrook Walk.

The pair then began to walk towards Smallbrook Walk when they noticed that a black Ford Focus, driven by Venables, had mounted a pavement and was driving towards them at speed.

They attempted to move out of the way but were unable to do so and were both hit by the car.

The impact of the collision caused Ms Morgan to be thrown into the air, causing an open fracture to her right leg.

Ms Morgan required more than 200 stitches and spent over three weeks in hospital as a result of the collision.

A victim impact statement read out in court said she had a two-year-old son and found it difficult to get around the house.

She was "still in shock and can't believe Venables would do this to her".

Ms Farrington suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident. A victim impact statement read out in court said the incident had left her "an emotional wreck".

Venables had previous convictions for assault, but defending solicitor Damien Zelazowski said there was nothing on this scale on her record.

Mr Zelazowski added Venables had entered a guilty plea and had two young children who were now with her wife.

The incident had begun following the breakdown of that relationship, with her wife starting a relationship with Ms Farrington.

But Venables was "at a loss" to explain why she did what she did and was fully remorseful, he added.

Judge Steven Everett, sentencing Venables, said: "It is clear you wanted to hurt Ms Farington very badly, but at the same time Ms Morgan was more in the firing line in reality.

"It was only a brief incident but it has caused devastating consequences.

"An open fracture would mean the bone was sticking through the leg – that would have caused huge pain at the time and probably even now. It's inevitable her leg will be scarred and it's highly likely she will have another operation. Her life will be turned upside down.

"If you use a car as a weapon at somebody, it's inevitable you will be sentenced to a lengthy term. I would be sending out entirely the wrong message if I did so otherwise."

Following Venables’ sentencing, Detective Inspector Claire Jesson said: “This was a horrific attack which will impact the victims for the rest of their lives.

“While their injuries may heal, they will never be able to forget what happened to them on that day and the sentence handed to Venables reflects the severity of her crime.

“Venables used the car as a weapon and was intent on harming the victims – she smirked at the pair as she drove away from the scene.

“I hope that the conclusion of this case will allow the victims to move forward with their lives and I would like to thank the local community for all the help and support they provided throughout the investigation.”