A CELEBRATION of knitting, which includes a knitted interpretation of the Bible, and invites people to knit to help the homeless, has opened at Chester Cathedral.

‘Knit One Share One’ was brought together by the cathedral team, inspired by an exhibition currently touring the UK - ‘The Knitted Bible’ - and the team’s desire to help city charity Share.

The ‘Knitted Bible’ is an exhibition of miniature scenes from the Bible knitted and created in wool, and includes creation, Noah’s Ark, the Crucifixion and the birth of Jesus Christ.

Alongside the exhibition, local residents and visitors are invited to knit hats and scarves which will become part of the event, or part of a River of Life – a growing river of blue and green scarves which flows from the cathedral’s 'Water of Life' sculpture through the cloisters and to the exhibition. Children can create small fish to place on the river.

Local residents are welcome to come along and natter with volunteers; discover why they love knitting, and if they don’t themselves knit, it may inspire them to start!

Dean of Chester, The Very Revd Dr Tim Stratford said: "The Knitted Bible is a terrific collection of knitted cameos telling some of the Bible’s greatest stories. I am delighted that it has inspired local people to knit hats and scarves for people who find themselves without a home this winter. The hats and scarves represent the Bible’s message of God’s love as eloquently as its stories do."

Co-Founder and Trustee of Share, Adam Dandy added: "Share are humbled to receive such a kind invitation from Chester Cathedral to become the sole beneficiary of donated, knitted winter clothing such as hats and scarves as part of their Knit One Share One exhibition. The donated items have obviously been created with people’s love, time, care and attention. Our Outreach team at Share will distribute the items to people sleeping rough in Chester to help them to keep a bit warmer on these cold nights.”

The Knit One Share One exhibition is open daily and runs until Wednesday , February 6, after which all of the knitted items will be given to Share for them to distribute.