FIREFIGHTERS were called to remove 44 tonnes of smouldering food products from a lorry in Neston on Thursday evening after it caught fire.

One fire engine from Powey Lane and two from Ellesmere Port were called at 5.10pm on Thursday, January 10 to the A540 Chester High Road, Ness, to tackle the blaze involving the articulated lorry trailer which had been carrying frozen food.

Crews used three breathing apparatus and two hose reels jets to extinguish the fire and continued to damp down the trailer using two hose reels and two breathing apparatus.

About 44 tonnes of smouldering food products were removed from the trailer using a digger, which they continued to damp down. The vehicle was then towed away from the scene.

Cheshire Police Taskforce was also called upon to help firefighters and a recovery company clear up the mess on the A540, pointing out on social media it was complying with a nearby council sign: 'Please take your litter home'.

It added: "Smells like a big wet BBQ!"

The driver of the lorry was uninjured in the incident.