A NESTON man who stalked a former friend by posting more than 100 letters through her letterbox and making 250 telephone calls to her in just over one month has received a community order.

Roy Godwin, 59, of Bridge Court, also shouted at victim Carol O'Neill and loitered outside her address, Chester Magistrates Court heard on Monday, January 7.

On one occasion, Ms O'Neill was talking to a police officer at her home about the stalking incidents when Godwin posted another letter through the letterbox.

Magistrates handed Godwin - who had pleaded guilty - a 12-month community order with 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement and a three-month alcohol treatment programme.

He was also handed a three-year restraining order.

Prosecuting, Rob Youds said Godwin and Ms O'Neill used to be friends but then she told him she no longer wanted to be friends and to no longer make contact.

But Godwin made 250 phone calls and sent 106 letters to her between November 23 and December 28, 2018.

He would also throw stones at her window, ring her doorbell and shout outside her front door.

On December 28, he left bags of clothing outside her door and when she opened the door to look at them, he swung his walking stick towards her.

She tried to shut the door but he put his foot in the way and she had to force him away.

Ms O'Neill also believed she was being followed by Godwin and was advised by police to keep a harassment diary.

Initially she did not want him arrested, only to be warned by police, but Godwin continued to stalk and harass her after being formally warned three times.

In a victim impact statement, Ms O'Neill said the incidents left her feeling stressed and anxious, not able to do her usual duties for fear of harassment.

She has lost sleep and her appetite and it had left her psychologically weak.

She added: "It has been a nightmare, he has totally ignored the police on three occasions."

A restraining order was sought, Mr Youds added.

Victoria Robinson-Parker, defending, said Godwin did not object to the restraining order and was entirely apologetic to the victim.

When on bail the past week, Godwin had tried his best not to contact Ms O'Neill, who lived in the flat above.

In the next four weeks, Godwin is due to move to another flat, one where he had lived previously until moving out when a resident had died in the flat complex and was not found for a week, causing a bug infestation.

Godwin had lost a good friend and had been battling a terrible drink problem.

The three-year restraining order imposed on Godwin means he cannot go within 10 metres of her front door.

He was also fined £130, plus £85 court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.