A PORT mum of two has spoken of her horror after her beloved dog was injured by a broken beer bottle.

Lynne Walker-Woollam was walking her dog Star, a Staffie cross, near the community centre in Wolverham Road at about 9pm on Sunday.

She saw that Star was bleeding and soon realised her pet had been injured by broken glass strewn on the ground.

Star being treated

Star was underwent emergency treatment at Cambridge Road Veterinary Centre in the town. She had suffered damage to an artery and had to have some tissue removed and stitches.

Lynne said Star is now on the road to recovery, although understandably a little sleepy today, but she is angry that she is facing a bill for £350 due to the thoughtless actions of someone smashing glass on the street.

The broken glass

Posting on the popular community Facebook group, Pride in the Port, Lynn said: "Well that was a traumatic night!

"The glass bottle of beer that some mindless idiot smashed on the floor went through an artery. She was operated on last night and thankfully is fine and coming home this morning. The cost of your stupid immature behaviour to a skint mother of two is £350 so thanks for that."

Lynne added: "She is fine now she had to have some tissues removed and stitches. She is just very sleepy today which is understandable."

Lynne's husband, Michael Walker added: "My poor dog! Hate it the way people just smash glass in the street. It could have been a kid."

Lynne was overwhelmed by well-wishers on Pride in the Port, with some saying they would like to contribute to a fundraising page if one was set up.

Lynne Walsh said: "Omg thank god your dog is ok mindless people who don’t care."

Angela Blackburn posted: "Omg hope you and you’re dog are okay, awful thing to happen, There is so much glass everywhere I take a torch with me at night."

Claire Wynne said: "Such an awful thing to happen, some people should be ashamed of themselves!"

The blood on the ground

And Ali OSullivan posted: "It bugs me when people ban dogs from places and moan they are allowed in parks and on beaches. People leave far more mess everywhere than SOME dogs with responsible owners do."

Claire Anderson said: " I’m so sorry your poor fur baby has been hurt. I hate this so much, especially around the pubs mainly the Sir Robert and the Wetherspoons on Overpool Road. Can the pubs be held accountable for injuries sustained as a result of their glasses and bottles being smashed and them not cleaning it up?"

Lynne's friend Vikki Ogilvie has set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover the vet's bills. You can donate here.