THE producers of finalists in this year's Britain’s Got Talent are returning to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall this month for a new show.

Revival Live UK, producers of The D-Day Darlings, are bringing their show Hooray For Hollywood to the venue on Tuesday, December 11.

Back there in October, they performed The D-Day Darlings – The Songs That Won the War show.

Katie Ashby, D-Day Darling and Hooray For Hollywood star, is looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at the show.

She said: “We’re really looking forward to seeing some dear friends, those who came to see The Songs That Won the War and of course, some new faces too.

"Hooray For Hollywood is a slightly different genre of music, but it’s filled with songs that are still classic, it’s the music that everyone knows and loves.”

The Revival Live UK team has been working closely alongside the Brio Entertainment team at establishing these shows at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall.

The team rose to fame in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent with group The D-Day Darlings, and their impressive nostalgic show made it to the finals.

Last month they released their debut album, I’ll Remember You.

Katie added: “We hit number 10 in the official charts within the first two days. Supermarkets were selling out! It was a bit of a shock how amazing it was within the first few days, it was brilliant.

"It just shows how much this type of music is wanted by the public and we’re really proud of it.

“The Songs That Won the War is about telling a story of dark times, but creating happy memories as well. The Hooray For Hollywood show is pure glitz and glamour, filled with opulent and expensive clothing.

"The show is totally different in terms of fashion, and how it’s presented.”

Hooray For Hollywood revives an era of newfound hope and glamour. Recreating the glitz of the Roaring Twenties, the production captures a decade of contrasts where desires and ambitions were at a peak.

With a cast of talented performers backed by a lively band, this heart-warming tale offers an uplifting experience of the 1920s.

The production also stars local performer Richard Hazleton from Cheshire as Leonard Love, a store proprietor, who is looking forward to the show.

He said: “I’m delighted to bring our show to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, be prepared to feast your eyes on the glamour and richness of the Twenties. See you there!"

Alongside the Revival Live UK shows at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, Brio Entertainment's Vintage Matinees include the upcoming dementia friendly showing of Christmas Pantomime Cinderella at Brio venue, Northwich Memorial Court, on December 12.

Entertainment manager Phil Harding said: “We’re really happy to present these shows that everyone can enjoy. We’re extremely proud of these new afternoons and can’t wait to welcome Revival Live UK back to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall.

"The quality of their shows is phenomenal and create the perfect nostalgic feel that all audiences can enjoy.”

  • Hooray For Hollywood is at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall on Tuesday, December 11, at 2pm. Tickets can be booked at or by calling the Box Office on 0333 666 3366.