AN ELLESMERE Port man aged 52 was stabbed to death by his son in an unprovoked frenzied attack as he lay asleep on a settee, it has been alleged.

A court heard that the fatal knifing took place just three weeks after he had been discharged from hospital having been detained under the Mental Health Act.

In the dock at Liverpool Crown Court is 27-year-old Daniel Renshaw, who is on trial accused of murdering Graham Renshaw.

The jury has heard that the defendant, of Drake Road, Neston, has admitted stabbing his dad and killing him but denies murder.

Nicholas Johnson, QC, prosecuting, told the jurors that they will have to decide what he intended at the time, what his mental state was and why he was in that state.

He explained Daniel Renshaw had suffered mental health problems in the past believed to be a consequence of his alcohol and drugs misuse.

Mr Johnson said that the defendant had a good relationship with his father and there appeared to be “no immediate causative trigger for the stabbing.” Psychiatrists for the prosecution and defence do not agree whether diminished responsibility is an issue, he added.

Graham Renshaw suffered 19 incised wounds to his head and upper trunk in the attack in his home in Seymour Drive and the pathologist concluded that the attacker had probably had a knife in each hand during the attack.

Explaining the immediate background Mr Johnson said that on June 13 this year Renshaw’s brother, Jason, knew “that all was not well with Daniel” who was drinking cider. “Later that evening he saw Daniel rocking on his bed whilst he was looking at the floor.”

When he was still rocking later he told their mum who spoke to Daniel in his room. She and the two brothers were then all in their bedrooms while Graham was downstairs watching television where he is believed to have fallen asleep.

The victim’s other son was awoken by him screaming in pain at 12.32 am and came downstairs to see his brother standing over their dad repeatedly striking him with his right hand in which he he was holding a knife, claimed Nicholas Johnson, QC, prosecuting.

“Daniel was saying nothing but was making loud aggressive grunts. Jason took hold of his brother to restrain him and the noticed that Daniel was holding a knife. He grabbed it from him, Daniel put up no resistance.”

Mrs Renshaw rang an ambulance and Daniel was saying, “What am I doing? I don’t know what I am doing……I can’t believe I’ve done this.”

A neighbour heard him shouting, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, claimed Mr Johnson.

Paramedics gave emergency treatment at the scene, though he did not show any signs of life and he was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital and was declared dead soon after arrival.

A pathologist found that the fatal injuries were two stab wounds to the chest, one nine inches deep through the heart sac. There were no defensive wounds.

The defendant was taken initially to Arrowe Park Hospital but after leaving exhibited such odd behaviour was then taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital where he was pacing backwards and forwards. He became angry when told he was being taken into custody saying he had not been assessed by the mental health team and had to be forcibly restrained.

He was seen by medical professionals in custody and there was no suggestion he was unfit for interview or suffering from any mental disorder that required significant intervention.

Mr Johnson told the court that in March this year he had been found at Port Sunlight station wanting to end his life and told police he heard voices telling him to jump in front of cars and telling him to harm others. He was hospitalised for five days.

He was detained under the Mental Health Act on May 11 after his mother reported his agitation and paranoia. On that same day her husband had made a 999 call for assistance fearing for his safety after his son armed himself with a knife and was ‘gonna go off his head.’

Renshaw was discharged on May 21 though ten days later he returned to the Countess of Chester Hospital saying he was hearing voices.

The cases continues