A BUSINESSMAN went on a rampage in a Chester hotel smashing computer equipment, assaulting the night porter and racially abusing the manager.

Neil James Collier, 43, a father-of-two, pleaded guilty to three charges relating to his stay at the Mollington Banastre Hotel on October 4 this year.

He was sentenced today (Monday, November 26) to a 12-month community order and must pay the hotel £2,000 in compensation as well as a total of £350 to the two employees.

Chester Magistrates Court heard that Collier used to run a company that was worth £6 million and employed 62 people but turned to drink when it came “crashing down” in 2012.

He tackled his demons and quit alcohol for three years – until he visited Chester on business last month as part of his role as a business development manager for a Midlands company.

Collier, of Blackstone Edge Old Road, Littleborough, Rochdale, appeared to have been offended by something an “Asian man” said during a drunken debate about religion.

Prosecutor Adam Warner said that the hotel's night porter, Frank Tunstall, had overheard the conversation before watching the Asian man leave at around 11.30pm.

Collier then asked Mr Tunstall to call the police stating the man was a terrorist and claiming he needed protection.

The defendant also alleged that the man was “plotting an attack” and wanted to “blow up the hotel”, Mr Warner said.

Following a conversation with a police operator on the non-emergency number, Collier ordered a beer but then proceeded to film Mr Tunstall as he wiped down tables.

He then started calling the porter “pathetic” and threatened to “stalk” him before a distraught Mr Tunstall dialled 999 and went to wake up his manager, Nicholas Danescu.

When they arrived back in reception Collier demanded that his details be removed from the computer system before calling Mr Danescu “you f***ing Polish” and threatening to kill him.

He then wrenched the computer monitor off its mounting, punched Mr Tunstall in the arm and leapt over the reception desk to try and open the safe, damaging equipment as he went.

He then threw some paper around and sat in a chair before police arrived to handcuff and arrest him, “much to the relief of Mr Tunstall”.

Victoria Handley, defending, said her client had reacted in a “very inappropriate way” to something he perceived was said about children.

Stressing that he never intended to steal from the safe, she said he had become “fixated” on having his details removed.

“He is mortified and ashamed of his behaviour,” Miss Handley said. “It was totally out of character.

“He drank more that night than he had drunk in three years. He has only flashbacks of that particular night.”

The loss of his business in 2012 had left him battling depression and mental health issues, which he dealt with by drinking.

However, he is now determined to overcome his issues once again and is undergoing private therapy. He has a new £60k-a-year job lined up and has removed himself from the family home until he beats his drink problem.

Collier, who has just one previous conviction for drink driving in 2013, pleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage and racially aggravated common assault – although Miss Handley stressed he was not a racist.

As part of his community order, he must undertake a 15-day rehabilitation activity and carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. He must pay £250 to Mr Tunstall and £150 to Mr Danescu, as well as £85 court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.