A YOGA teacher is bringing the power of laughter to Chester.

Sara Kay is launching the Chester Wellbeing Laughter Club on Tuesday, November 27 at 1pm at Bishop Lloyd's Palace, where there will be monthly laughter yoga sessions from January next year as well as official laughter yoga leader training.

Sara explained: "Laughter yoga is truly unique and not like a comedy club – and it really isn't necessary to be happy to come to a laughter club – you benefit even more if you aren't.

"As we use prolonged laughter, one of the easiest ways to exercise for all levels of physical ability.

"It has always been said that laughter is the best medicine. With laughter yoga we really put this into practice with playful laughter aerobic exercises, interspersed with deep breathing and relaxation.

"The many benefits of laughter include release of happy hormones, so more positivity, lower stress levels, greater immunity, resilience to stress, more creativity and alertness, As laughter stimulates all parts of the brain it gives it a really good workout too."

Sara has previously created laughter clubs in Knutsford, Altrincham and Macclesfield.

Since training in 2016, Sara has a vast array of experience with all age groups, physical abilities and medical conditions.

Her oldest laugher was 103 years old and the youngest aged six.

Sara realised she hadn't had a really good laugh for 20 years before she started practising laughter yoga. This is common – many people can't remember the last time they had a really good long laugh – but they always remember how good they felt after it.

Sara added: "Laughter yoga is even better than that feeling. It can in fact for many be life-changing."

  • For more details, call 07974 778091, email seriouslaughterinfo@gmail.com or find the Serious Laughter Yoga page on Facebook. Alternatively, visit www.seriouslaughterwellbeing.co.uk.