A YOUNG woman alleged to have been trafficked for sex when she was younger told a jury that it became normal.

A recording of her police interview was played at Mold Crown Court.

She said when she was aged about 15 she and a friend were picked up from their care home in the Wrexham area.

They were driven to hotels in Cheshire and Flintshire where it is alleged that they were raped a number of times.

The complainant said in her police interview how she was once having sex with John Delaney in a hotel bathroom in Chester.

She saw her friend surrounded by four or five men on a bed, having sex with her while she was vomiting because of the alcohol she had taken.

When she intervened they turned their attention to her, she said.

The prosecution allege she was then raped as well.

The complainant said they would be asked for sex and if they refused were told they would be left “in the middle of nowhere” and would have to walk home.

She alleged the girls would be separated and told they would be reunited once they agreed to have sex.

“They knew our ages,” she said.

She said John Delaney would “moan at the men for trying to sleep with me” but she alleged it was he who brought them to the hotel.

“I think he was playing head games as if he cared,” she said.

Asked how she ended up having sex with the men, she said: “We’d say yes because it would never stop. You’d say yes just to stop them mithering.”

She said: “Why have I put myself into that situation when I hate it so much?”

It was the escape from the care home and because of the drinking “you weren’t thinking”.

She added: “ We still used to keep going back because it was normal, I don’t know why.”

Barrister John Philpotts, prosecuting, earlier told the court the girls had been groomed and were used for the sexual gratification of the defendants and others.

“The defendants well knew how old those girls were and, indeed, seemed to be excited by their extreme youth,” the prosecutor alleged.

“They also knew that, though they submitted, those girls did not truly or genuinely consent to what was done to them,” he said.

Mr Philpotts told the jury: “These men used the girls as a sexual resource, for their own gratification and that of their associates. “

John James Purcell, John Anthony Delaney, John Michael McGrath and Todd James Wickens, deny all charges against them.

The offences are alleged to have taken place between December 2011 and April 2012.

Delaney, 33, of Ruthin Road Caravan Park, Wrexham, faces four counts of rape of a girl under 16, four counts of trafficking women within the UK for sexual exploitation, the sexual assault of a girl aged under 16 and arranging the commission of a child sex offence.

John James Purcell, 31, of Crescent Road in Ellesmere Port, faces three charges of rape, four charges of trafficking and one of arranging a child sex offence.

Wickens, 28, of Homestead Lane, Wrexham, faces two charges of raping a girl aged under 16 and one charge of trafficking a female for sexual exploitation.

McGrath, 27, of Bryn Hedd, Southsea, Wrexham, is charged with raping a girl aged under 16 between 2011 and 2012.

The trial before Judge Rhys Rowlands is proceeding and is expected to last four weeks.