A COMMUNITY has been left outraged after vandals target a plastic poppy placed to remember the fallen soldiers of the First World War.

Councillor Christine Jones said the poppy, on the lamp post outside Sealand school, was torn down, ripped into pieces and left on the floor.

She told the Leader: "It's a really poignant week for everyone. We try our best and all of a sudden some idiots decided they want to tear them off the lamp post. Everyone is devastated.

"I'm so furious and so are the residents. I have asked if anyone has seen anything to report it but we have no evidence, it's dreadful.

"It's more heartbreaking to think they don't understand what these poppies represent. I think the majority of these children do understand who why don't these youths? It's ignorance.

"Men and women of their age were fighting in these wars and were often younger than them. It makes me feel sick, it really does."

The plastic poppies were placed on lamp posts around the community to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

The vandalism occurred over the weekend and the councillor is urging residents to contact police and report the issue if they have any information.

She added: "It's only the minority that are ruining it for everyone else, but it's soul destroying.

"They were quite high up on the lamppost and held on with cable ties so it has taken some effort.

"Putting these up was a community effort. Everyone loved it when they were put up and it's broken people's hearts, it's disgusting.

"I hope they don't take the others. What is up with these people? It may only be a poppy but it's put there as a reminder for those that we lost.

"If anyone sees these kids vandalising then please report it to the police."