A MAN admitted he had the drug Spice in his shoe when police officers came to arrest him at Chester Magistrates Court for an unrelated matter.

Kane Brett, 23 of Moud Street, Liverpool, admitted a charge of possessing the drug when he appeared for sentencing at the same court on Friday, November 2.

He received an £80 fine.

Prosecuting, Adam Warner said it was midday on October 18 when police came to the court to arrest Brett for an unrelated matter.

Brett said: "I might as well show you this now," as he revealed he had small bags of Spice in his shoe, which he claimed was for personal use.

There were seven bags recovered, which Brett said was enough for a day's use.

When interviewed by police, he said he was aware Spice was a psychoactive substance and had been made illegal. He did not reveal exactly where he had purchased it but it had been bought in Liverpool.

He knew the problems with Spice were endemic and its negative personal effects.

He had one previous offence for cannabis possession last year.

Defending, Michael Gray said Brett has been referred to Addaction to break his drug addiction.

Chair of magistrates Jean Bamford said: "It's gratifying you are going to Addaction as this stuff is a problem. See if you can get past this – and good luck."

As well as the £80 fine, Brett must pay court costs of £85 and a £30 victim surcharge.

The Spice drug was to be forfeited and destroyed.