A CHESTER teenager has set up a Home Office petition after his girlfriend was unexpectedly denied the right to stay in the UK.

Oliver Youd, 18, of Huntington, is appealing to Home Secretary Sajid Javid after Izota Castriciones-Sarmiento's residence visa ran out and her settlement visa was turned down.

The Change.org petition currently has about 1,600 signatures and Oliver is appealing for more people to sign up so action can be taken.

Both Izota and her mum had their applications turned down so, instead of hoping to live in Kelsall with Izota's stepdad (a UK national), Izota and her mum are currently living 1,350 miles away in San Giovanni, Rome.

In the petition, he states: "My girlfriend is a long way from home.

"In 2014, Izota Castriciones-Sarmiento, then aged 13, moved to the UK alongside her mother, who was moving to live with her new husband, a UK-born national.

"Since that time, Izota has made huge steps towards a prosperous career in Britain, including 10 GCSEs at Tarporley High School, and a highly respectable set of A-levels at Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College.

"Now 18, she was aspiring to go to university in September 2018, but unfortunately this has not been possible.

"As her residence visa was soon to run out, Izota and her mother left the United Kingdom and moved to Italy, where they had lived previously, in order to apply for a settlement visa, which would have allowed her to continue living a happy life in the UK.

"After a hefty wait, she was told on October 2 that her case had been rejected by the Home Office, denying Izota the right to return home to her loving friends and family, who all miss her desperately.

"As somebody who has lived in the United Kingdom my entire life, I have always believed that anybody should be allowed to stay in the country if they are willing to play their part in our society.

"So far, Izota has clearly demonstrated that she has much to offer this country, if only she were given a little more time.

"As a citizen, I am outraged, but as her boyfriend, I am truly distraught.

"So, please sign this petition to give Izota a chance."

The Home Office is said to have rejected the settlement visa on the grounds Izota's stepdad had £5.40 of unpaid tax, four weeks' worth of Izota's stepdad's payslips could not be found, and a lawyer forgot to pay £540 of immigration fees.

  • To view and sign the petition, visit www.change.org/p/sajid-javid-allow-izota-castriciones-sarmiento-to-return-home-to-the-united-kingdom.