SPEEDING on a busy road is 'an accident waiting to happen', residents have said.

Boundary Lane in particular is one of a number of roads in the Saltney area where speeding cars are reported to have become a serious safety hazard.

There have been two accidents recently on the road, one on the junction adjoining with Green Lane and another on Stanley Park Drive, just off Boundary Lane.

Problems have been brought to the attention of the North Wales Police Speed Team.

A spokesman said: ''We are looking into setting up speed surveys along the following roads in Saltney in order to determine the most appropriate action; Sandy Lane, Boundary Lane, Victoria Road and Park Avenue.''

Veronica Gay, county councillor for Saltney Stonebridge ward, said: ''This issue has been raised with the 'Arrive Alive’ (which operates speed checks) team and they attend this hotspot regularly.

''I would like to see a speed camera along this road to deter all vehicles from speeding.

"Other speeding areas in the town are Park Avenue and Victoria Road which is very concerning as speedsters are endangering children at play.

''I will raise it again with the local PCSO and the Arrive Alive team.''

Christopher Massey added: ''How about new signs put in the grass along Boundary Lane? They would be cheaper than a camera and they could say 'I don't care if you're running late - 30 means 30'.''

Anne Amboorallee added: ''Boundary Lane is horrendous with the speeding cars and young lads doing wheelies there across the road.

"It's an accident waiting to happen.''

But while speed checks are reported to happen regularly on nearby Sandy Lane, they allegedly do not on Boundary Lane.

Sarah Hughes said: ''I’ve never seen an 'Arrive Alive' van on Boundary Lane. Definitely see it often on Sandy Lane though.''

Amanda Hingston added: ''I don’t recall ever seeing it in that area but have seen it on Sandy Lane.''