THE owners of beloved beagle have thanked all the people who offered support and help to find their pet.

Unfortunately, the story of community kindness has not had a happy ending. Mia's body was discovered by a train driver.

Mia's owners Carolyn Bell and Mark Hodge were overwhelmed by the love and support they received on social media and be people who tried to find the tricolour beagle after she went missing at Countess of Chester Country Park on Monday.

The appeal was publicised on the Chester Standard website, Facebook and Twitter, and posters were put up in the area.

Mark said: "Carolyn and I are both devastated with the news this morning, but we now have Mia back at home and she looks very peaceful.

“I can't express my gratitude enough to each and everyone one of you wonderful people for all your efforts, help and support over the past few days, you have all been amazing. Rest in peace my little girl, myself Carolyn, Monty and Megan will never forget you."

The Facebook group set up to find Mia has now been changed to a tribute page for the beloved pet called RIP beautiful 'Mia'.

Carolyn told the group: "Unfortunately not the news I've been waiting for we're absolutely heartbroken. Thank you so much to so many people who have helped us so much. We're devastated but overwhelmed by the support we have received. Rest in peace my beautiful little girl we miss you."

Three-year-old Mia was being walked at the Countess of Chester Country Park on Monday at 1.30pm when she was spooked by another dog and ran away.

Mia ran north towards the cornfields and her last sighting was at 4pm on Monday at the stubble fields north of the Deansgate Estate.

Dozens of people have offered their condolences on Facebook.

Alison Johnston said: "Devastated. We've never had the pleasure of meeting Mia or her lovely family, but we're part of the Moonjoon family and it has left us heartbroken for you. RIP beautiful girl. Lots of love from your beagle boy Dexter (Moonjoon Whistler) and his family xxx"

Alison Dewhurst said: "My sincere condolences to you both. We are absolutely devastated by the sad news. Love and hugs xxx"

Elisa Arnold said: "Aww Mark I am so sorry to hear this news. She was a lovely dog and well-loved and you gave her a fantastic life please hold on to the wonderful memories you have of her you can cherish forever. X"

Jenny Martin said: "SO SO SORRY!! Heart breaking news. Hope it helps a little to know so many care. Glad she is home with you both where she needs to be for her final goodbye."

Julia Kerr said: "Dearest Carolyn and Mark so deeply saddened by your devastating news. Almost unbearable to lose one of your pack in such tragic circumstances. Much love and strength from Julia Paul Tilly and Cilla xxx"