TWO brothers who carried out a frightening daylight attack on a taxi with a machete in Chester have been jailed.

Charles Truman, 25 and Matthew Truman, 22, both of Woodfields, Christleton, had previously pleaded guilty to affray and possession of a knife.

The 17-inch machete was described by one fearful witness as "like something out of Lord of the Rings".

They each received two years imprisonment when they were sentenced at Chester Crown Court on Wednesday, September 19.

Charles Truman was sentenced to an additional month in jail for a restraining order breach.

Chester and District Standard: Matthew Truman and Charles Truman during the machete attack.Matthew Truman and Charles Truman during the machete attack.

Matthew Truman and Charles Truman during the machete attack.

Prosecuting, Jayne Morris said it was on August 17 at 6.30pm when the taxi driver victim started his shift.

He picked up four passengers from Lache to take them to Newton and Upton.

The taxi – a black Mercedes – was heading over Grosvenor Bridge when it passed a red Vauxhall Corsa.

As it did, the taxi passengers wound down the windows to shout at the people in the Vauxhall.

The Vauxhall, driven by Matthew Truman, followed and caught up behind at the traffic lights for the Fountains Roundabout.

Both Truman brothers got out of the car and the taxi passengers began to panic, saying to the taxi driver: "Lock the door."

Matthew Truman tried to open the front passenger door but was unable to, while the taxi passengers told the driver to move off, but the driver could not leave as the lights were still red.

Charles Truman then struck the taxi with a 17-inch machete before the lights changed and the taxi drove off.

Matthew Truman was later seen disposing of the machete in Walpole Street.

A witness said he saw the Vauxhall being driven erratically and with the driver-side window wound down, with the driver's arm waving aggressively.

Matthew Truman was seen to try and open the front passenger door of the taxi "with as much force as he could have done," the witness believing he was trying to steal the vehicle.

After seeing Charles Truman leave the car, the witness said he noticed: "The largest knife I have ever seen – it was like something out of Lord of the Rings, it was that big.

"I remember hearing an awful metal on metal sound, like grinding, and the man was saying 'get out of the car, get out of the car'."

The witness was concerned for the taxi driver and dialled 999, while also fearful he was going to be attacked too.

Chester and District Standard: Matthew Truman and Charles Truman.Matthew Truman and Charles Truman.

Matthew Truman and Charles Truman have both been jailed.

In a victim impact statement, the taxi driver said the incident was "very stressful" and left him worried about going to work.

He no longer did night shifts and his wife was scared something else might happen.

The damage to the boot lid cost £1,391 and there was £700 loss of earnings while the taxi was seized for three days for forensic investigation.

The taxi passengers were driven to their destination and they paid him the fare and a £20 tip, saying the damage was his to sort out.

A police officer searching at a small, church-like building on Walpole Street recovered the machete in the 6ft ivy hedge at 9pm on the day of the attack.

When interviewed by police, both Trumans gave 'no comment' answers.

Charles Truman had 23 convictions for 35 previous offences, five for violence. He had previously been convicted of disorder, criminal damage, obstructing a police officer, wounding with intent, attempted robbery, failing to comply with orders, dishonesty, theft, battery and drugs offences.

Matthew Truman's convictions began in 2008 and included wounding, burglary and theft, assault causing actual bodily harm, battery, damaging property and possessing an offensive weapon.

Howard Jones, defending Matthew Truman, said: "There is some history between the passengers of the two vehicles. He was the first to get out and tried to open the doors.

"The CCTV speaks for itself. He is under no illusions about his sentence and is spending his time in custody constructively.

"He has gone on a stress course to control anger and is in a drugs recovery wing as he has long-standing issues with cannabis and cocaine.

"He is hopeful of obtaining work at a local hotel as a maintenance operative.

"He has entered a guilty plea and he accepts it's quite appalling what happened at a busy time in the town centre."

Mark Connor, defending Charles Truman, said: "His best point is he has entered a guilty plea. He accepts full responsibility for having the machete and must be punished by imprisonment. He describes his own actions as outrageous.

"He had concern for his brother's friend but he decided, stupidly, to take the law into his own hands. He is embarrassed by his own behaviour.

"He has a number of criminal convictions but in the last four years he has been almost conviction free.

"He has a job in custody as a cleaner and has a job in London for a flooring company when he comes out. His partner has moved there and his future plans involve earning a living and being a good partner."

Honorary Recorder of Chester Judge Roger Dutton told the brothers: "The facts are quite extraordinary. For some reason you had a serious issue with the taxi passengers – whether that is to do with drugs I don't know. You both have a background of drugs and violence.

"What happened was at the Fountains Roundabout in the middle of Chester on a Friday evening. You both decamped from your vehicle and were both intent at getting at the occupants.

"Mercifully they had the presence of mind to lock the doors.

"It was the most horrifying sight imaginable and all caught on CCTV and all captured for the court to see."

As well as the jail terms, the machete was to be forfeited and destroyed.

Detective Constable Chris Scott, of Chester CID, said: “The Trumans instilled fear in an innocent taxi driver who was simply carrying out his job in taking a fare.

“The attack was so frightening and violent it left the driver badly shaken and worried about what was going to happen but the incident could have led to people being harmed and seriously injured.

“Due to the extensive CCTV footage showing Charles and Matthew committing the offence they had no choice but to admit to their crime and today justice has been served.”