A WOMAN from Ellesmere Port is urging people to register as stem cell donors in a bid to help save the life of a Cheshire dad.

Nichola Cook won a top award from blood cancer charity DKMS in March for her help in registering people to become stem cell or bone marrow donors.

Her late mother Doreen Hodson, a former charity worker for Operation Christmas Child, had previously received a stem cell donor transplant and was in remission from leukaemia.

Sadly Doreen passed away in June due to a sepsis complication.

Her grieving family have since raised an impressive £1,700 for Palatine Ward at The Christie Hospital in Manchester to thank staff for their support during Doreen’s treatment and stem cell transplant.

Nichola, of Great Sutton, told The Standard she had made a promise to her mum that she would carry on supporting the work of DKMS by continuing to register people on the donor record.

Recently she supported a donor recruitment drive at Chester Rugby club, which was in the search for a stem cell match for Bunbury family man Peter McCleave, 40.

Nichola said: “Peter was diagnosed with myeloma in March 2017 and has received chemotherapy, but now urgently needs a stem cell donation if he is to see his two young boys grow up.

“His ethnic background is somewhat unusual in that his heritage is a mixture including, both Portuguese and Chinese, known as Macanese. Without a donor match, Peter may not see his family grow up. For Peter a donor with this heritage could be life-saving.”

Donors need to be between 17 and 55 years and can register at www.dkms.org.uk/peter