HELP Delamere Forest find the Snark in a new and exciting forest adventure experience.

The Hunting of the Snark – the classic poem by Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll – has been brought to life by outdoor theatre company Burn the Curtain.

On this unforgettable journey through the forest on September 13, 14 and 15, you will join the butcher, banker, broker, barrister and bonnetmaker as they hunt for the Snark.

They can't do it alone, and your help will enable another fresh attempt to find the mythical creature.

A new free phone app means you can also play Snarkhunter through games and trails, collecting thimbles and jam, forks and cress.

Joe Hancock, Burn the Curtain’s artistic director, said: “Adventure awaits you in your local Forestry Commission England Forest.

"Snarkhunter, our brand new adventure game app will take you on an exciting journey through the forest, on the trail of the Snark.

"Our new outdoor promenade show, takes you back to the forest to find out what happened to the cast of characters, as they continue to seek the Snark.

"Both the Snarkhunter app and promenade show can be experienced separately, for the full experience why not do both?”

Burn the Curtain is well known for producing shows where the audience become part of the story and the action, so come prepared with appropriate clothing and good footwear, as well as a torch.