Warning - this article contains images of injured animals that some may find distressing.

DOG owners are warning others to take care after at least two dogs suffered serious deep wounds while being exercised in Stanney Woods.

Both pets have required emergency surgery to save their lives and vets have been left baffled as to the cause of the horrific injuries.

In the latest incident, on Sunday (August 5) evening, Beau, a seven-year-old Sprocker Spaniel was inflicted with a deep gash on his underside.

Kristina Edwards with Beau

His owner Kristina Edwards, of Ellesmere Port, said: “This evening my dog entered Stanney Woods for a walk and within 30 seconds having entered the woods he was severely hurt.

“I don’t know what he has caught himself on to sustain such a nasty injury as he darts all over the place being a spaniel and I was more concerned about getting him the vets to even start looking.

“How can a pleasant walk turn into a disaster with a very deep wound?

“My poor dog is now in the vet under anaesthetic and an operation in hand. I’m absolutely heartbroken.”

Beau on the operating table

The incident happened at the entrance to the woods.

Kristina added: “It was the main entrance with the barrier and car park. My dog ran straight ahead then ran to the ditches on the right and then to the left in the undergrowth.

“It’s when he came out of the undergrowth he just sat still in the middle of the pathway in shock. It was literally 30 seconds on entering the woods.”

Kristina says she has been contacted by rangers who will be investigating the area to see if there is “anything sinister”.

A close up of Beau's injury sustained in Stanney Wood

But Kristina’s experience is not unique.

Last month, almost exactly the same type of injury was inflicted on Liz Bartley’s dog.

Her pet, a poodle cross called Sally, was “bouncing” through the undergrowth when Liz, also from Ellesmere Port, heard a chilling yelp.

She said: "I took Sally for her daily walk in the woods, chasing a squirrel there was an all mighty scream from her."

Liz added: “At first I thought it was her paw, but I checked and couldn’t see anything. She was in pain and putting her head down. When I looked I saw a horrendous deep wound on her left side.”

Liz says the injury on her dog’s side was so deep that she could see her ribs. Sally needed emergency surgery and was off her feet for two weeks.

Sally after her operation

Liz added: "I took her straight to Aardvark vets where they rushed her into surgery. She had two drains inserted and numerous stitches."

Sally has now recovered and Beau is also on the mend, but both women want to warn dog owners to be vigilant, especially if their pet likes to bound through the undergrowth.

Kristina received floods of messages from well-wishers on the Pride in the Port Facebook page after she posted about Beau’s ordeal, with others saying similar things had befallen their dogs.

She added: “Many thanks for everyone’s well wishes.

“It really does mean a lot and I’m sure Beau would give you all lots of doggy licks.

“Beau is home now and on the mend.”

Liz added: I would hate for this to happen to another dog."

Stanney Woods is a local nature reserve off Acorn Drive in Ellesmere Port, made up of an ancient woodland of oak and silver birch.

There are many walks criss-crossing the woods and the area is popular with bird watchers and families as well as dogwalkers.

Cheshire West and Chester Council have been approached for comment and this story will be updated.