A CHESTER woman who had a clean criminal record until she started taking the drug spice a few months ago has been jailed after biting a PCSO and possessing a knife blade.

Madison Frenchy-McCulloch, 19, was homeless at the time the offences took place.

Frenchy-McCulloch pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates Court on Tuesday to possessing the Stanley blade, being in breach of a dispersal order, resisting a police officer while being arrested and biting PCSO Timothy Cooper. All those offences took place on June 11.

She also pleaded guilty to stealing a box of matches and a chicken wrap valued at £3.20 from Wilko in Chester on March 30, and another chicken wrap worth £2.60 from Sainsbury's, Watergate Street, on April 10.

The court heard on June 11 Frenchy-McCulloch was handed a dispersal order by a police officer, but at 2pm that same day she was spotted sitting outside Debenhams.

The officer said she was under arrest and it was then the defendant became hostile, resisting arrest.

A second officer – PCSO Cooper – arrived at the scene to assist, but Frenchy-McCulloch bit him on the finger.

In police interview, Frenchy-McCulloch said she did not know she had received a dispersal order, having recently taken the drug spice.

She had three previous convictions for five offences – all since March and all for shoplifting – and was in breach of a 12-month community order.

A probation report heard Frenchy-McCulloch had a spice addiction and was struggling with mental health issues, but unfortunately had not reported to the mental health team.

Defending, Richard Simm said Frenchy-McCulloch had made efforts to go to probation but could not find the building.

Mr Simm said her lifestyle had become more chaotic since becoming addicted to spice. She had been to see her GP and was taking medication to deal with her depression and anxiety.

Both her mum and social services had attended court to support her.

The District Judge said to Frenchy-McCulloch: "You have been given a number of chances but you have reached the end of the line, I am sorry to say."

Frenchy-McCulloch received an eight-week prison term for possession of the Stanley blade, with a four-week concurrent jail term for the shoplifting offences. She must pay £50 compensation to the PCSO, and the blade was to be forfeited and destroyed.