FIREFIGHTERS were called to help rangers deal with a fire in Delamere Forest.

They used a water shuttle to get enough water to the area to fight the fire affecting approximately 20 square metres of the forest.

The crew from Tarporley was called to a section of the forest near Ashton Road, Norley, just before 12.30pm yesterday (Tuesday, July 10).

When they arrived, rangers at the scene had doused the fire with water.

However, an area of about eight square metres of "deep seated fire" remained.

A Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesman said: "Firefighters set up a water shuttle to get enough water to the area.

"They used the water to extinguish the fire, which affected an area measuring approximately 20 square metres.

"The crew then used a thermal imaging camera to check for hotspots to make sure that the area was safe.

"The affected area was left heavily soaked.

"Firefighters were in attendance for around two-and-a-half hours."

The incident occured as residents and visitors have been warned about the risk of fires in Delamere Forest during the current hot weather.

Due to the prolonged hot and dry weather the European Fire Information System has given Delamere Forest the status of high/very high fire danger forecast.

At this time visitors are asked to take extra care when visiting the forest.

This includes requesting people not to stub cigarettes out on the ground.

They are also asked not drop glass and only have campfires and barbecues in designated areas.

Anyone seeing a fire should get to a safe place and call 999.