RESIDENTS are worried about an overgrown hedgerow in their town which is obstructing a vital public footpath that runs alongside a main road.

A number of people in Saltney have expressed their concerns about the overgrowth which is limiting space on an already narrow pathway which runs alongside the A5104, the main road running through Saltney. Gemma-Duncan Smith’s daughter suffered scratches on her arms as a result of the overgrown hedgerow encroaching on the pathway close to St Davids High School. She said: ‘’I’m not sure if it’s the schools or the councils responsibility to cut it back but I should be able to walk past with my pram without my little girls arm getting scratched. And if I’d met someone else they’d have had no choice but to step on to what is a very busy and therefore dangerous road.’’

Veronica Gay, County Councillor for Saltney Stonebridge Ward, said: ‘’The pavement that runs alongside St Davids High needs widening altogether, so when the path is made even narrower by an overgrown hedgerow something has to be done. ‘’The hedges grow very quickly this time of year, so they should be cut in advance of the summer months, instead of being proactive, those in charge need to be reactive.’’

The footpath in question also runs adjacent to the A5104, the main road that runs through Saltney, making it especially dangerous if people are forced to step onto the road to let others pass. The pathway running alongside the A5104 has become increasingly busy with the removal of Arriva’s DB2 service which ran through Saltney Ferry, meaning people have to walk into Saltney via the footpath to get to the bus stop or into town. Steve Jones, Chief Officer Streetscene and Transportation, said: “Flintshire County Council have been made aware of an overhanging hedge. ‘’The local Area Coordinator has undertaken an inspection and a hedge cutting notice will be issued against the land owner.”