NEW police bases are to be unveiled across Cheshire communities from June.

The plan, as revealed by Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane, is for every community in the county to have a meeting point where residents will be able to discuss local issues with their police community support officer (PCSO)

For example, a total of 10 new community bases have been proposed for Ellesmere Port's PCSOs. So far, nine suitable locations in places such as Ellesmere Port Library, Ness Village Hall, Overpool Community Centre and Hartley Place residential home have been identified.

The bases will begin to be rolled out next month and there will be launch events held between June 15-22 across the area so residents can be informed about the changes.

One of the main aims of the initiative is to cut down on the time PCSOs spend travelling between police stations and their community patches.

It is planned for every community base in Cheshire to be operational by the end of the year.

PCC Keane said: “Every Cheshire community will soon have its own police base, providing an accessible contact point for local residents to meet their local PCSO.

“PCSOs are an important part of local policing teams across Cheshire. They are the ‘eyes and ears’ of local communities, gathering intelligence to deal with complex police issues, whilst providing support to vulnerable residents, and focusing on making our roads safer.

“These bases will provide the facilities for PCSOs to spend more time in the heart of the community they serve, increasing interaction with local residents and allowing them to have more visibility in our communities.

"Under the previous model, some PCSOs were travelling miles each day to the community they were based in, wasting valuable time.

"When I was elected I promised the residents of Cheshire ‘more feet on the beat’. Providing every community in Cheshire with their own named, recognisable community officer is helping us achieve this vision.”

The dozens of new, clearly signed community bases, will be where PCSOs can hold their local surgery which will run for at least one hour a week.