A PENSIONER was left with a gruesome injury to his arm after a dog bit him in Chester city centre.

Eddie Slater, 82, had just finished a part-time shift at Cheshire Military Museum and was walking up Northgate Street from the Cross at around 11.15am on Tuesday, April 3.

He noticed a boy aged around 11 sitting on the steps near the Lakeland store with a brown Labrador type of dog.

The animal was on a lead but as Eddie walked past it leapt up and sank its teeth into his arm.

“It just bounced up and grabbed my arm,” said the grandfather-of-10. “The lad’s father came from across the road and I said ‘you want to keep this dog under control and not leave it with a young lad’.

“He said ‘are you alright?’ and I said ‘no I’m not!’ I could feel blood running down my arm.”

Eddie, of Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, went to the pharmacy at Boots where they bandaged his wound. He then went around the corner to the police station to report the attack.

A police officer confirmed there was CCTV footage of the incident, he said.

“He said we can see an incident on the camera with a dog going for you,” said Eddie, who used to work in the sergeants’ mess at Dale Barracks.

He then went to the Countess of Chester Hospital’s A&E department where he received a tetanus shot and had the wound cleaned and dressed.

“It tore the skin right back,” he said. “I’m still having to go back for redressing.”

He added: “I just think something needs to be done in case it’s a child that gets attacked next time.”

A spokesman for Cheshire Police confirmed that officers were aware of the incident and said enquiries were ongoing.