A WOMAN who lost everything in a devastating fire that destroyed her home is back volunteering at her local charity shop.

Christine Mayers, 67, was treated for burns to her throat and lungs after the blaze that destroyed her house in Woodchurch Lane, Ellesmere Port, and claimed the life of her beloved dog Timmy.

Andrew Chrysostomous, who manages the British Heart Foundation charity shop in the town where Christine has volunteered for seven years, started a fundraising campaign to get her back on her feet.

The campaign, which raised more than £2,300, saw the community come together to support Christine and was crucial to her recovery.

And now, just months after the tragedy, Christine is back giving her time at the charity shop in Marina Drive.

Andrew said: “The campaign has gone really well, better than I expected. We raised just over £2,300 from Just Giving and also from lovely customers who have come into the store and gave donation.”

He was delighted when Christine said she was well enough to return to the shop.

He added: “Its lovely to have Christine back as part of our team again she's settling back into the store again and is stronger each time she comes to volunteer all our staff and customers have missed her so dearly.

“I can't believe how much the community has come together and helped me to try and get Christine back on her feet again.”