STUDENTS complaining about their ‘luxury’ accommodation in Chester have shared videos of the aftermath of a flood.

The footage at Chronicle House on Commonhall Street clearly shows ceiling panels have collapsed into the corridor, while the second shows people wading in water several inches deep.

It comes after The Standard revealed yesterday (April 10) that at least four students are calling for compensation following a catalogue of issues at the property, run by Fortis Student Living.

Issa Dioume, Violaine Guibert, Christophe Journée and Diana Bonilla are paying almost £8,000 for a 44-week stay in a studio apartment at the converted former newspaper offices.

Major water leaks are said to have occurred on October 10 and November 17 last year with some students reporting damage to property.

Issa, 22, who studies at the University of Chester, said: “When we’ve tried to complain we’ve just been passed from person to person.”

Neil Roberts, director with maintenance company Fortis Estate Management, said water leaks had been a problem and were caused by what is known as 'push-fit upvc piping'.

“This is common in a lot of residential properties and is a common cause of leaks,” he said.

“We have been working to enhance the design and strength of this pipework to eliminate this problem area in Chronicle House.”

Opened in 2015, Chronicle House is presented as an up-market option for students in the city boasting its own gym, games area and laundry room.

In a statement, a spokesman for Fortis Lettings and Management said the cost of staying in one of the 59 studio apartments included bills, internet and contents insurance.

She said: “Unfortunately, Chronicle House has been subject to some maintenance issues during this academic year, some of which have affected students’ rooms within the property.

“Each case was reported to the block management company [Fortis Estate Management] which actively sought to find solutions for each issue. Fortis Lettings and Management have fulfilled our duties as a lettings agent and we are proactively working with the block management company to ensure no more incidents occur.

“It is regretful so many isolated incidents have occurred in Chronicle House during this academic term, on the scale of which we haven’t seen since the property open in 2015.”

Watch the videos here: