IT was initially my personal trainer, Phillip Sheen, who advised me as one local to another to try the new Thai restaurant in Flint. I did not need telling twice, especially by a fitness expert, to load up on glorious Asian carbs and what I hoped was spicy chicken and seafood - the gods of protein for me.

My favourite type of eating out is spur of the moment dining experiences when you internally say to yourself "go on, you're here now, you may as well."

This was one of those occasions and as I was already attending a council meeting in Flint town hall, I decided to wander across the road and check out the newly established ThaiDee restaurant on Chester Road.

I was first of all impressed by the clean and minimalist interior, akin to those popular gourmet Asian fast food places that are popping up in a lot of cities. It immediately reminded me of my uni days and I was very pleased to see such a modern, high standard Thai restaurant here in the heart of Flintshire.

Having lived in Thailand years ago, temporarily housed by a lovely Thai family who soon taught me that food is the essence of life and much more in Eastern cultures, I was eager to see what the menu offered and the selection of dishes the management had chosen were a true reflection of the country I call my second home.

I ordered Pad Thai, which is what you could say is the equivalent of Sunday Dinner here in Britain, in that it's hands down the most popular and easily purchased food in any part of Thailand.

Happy with my option, I then sincerely hoped that the actual dish was up to the same standard I had experienced a hundred times from street food carts in central Bangkok. I went for the prawn option, and also ordered homemade spring rolls.

The young member of staff broke my heart when he told me the Tom Yung Gung, Thailand's hot and famous king prawn and spicy soup had sold out, but that aside, he was very chatty, friendly and professional and filled in the time while I waited for my food.

My meal finally arrived, hot and piping as was needed on a cold Monday evening, and I soon realised that I needn't of ordered the extra spring rolls. The portion was huge and it took me a good half hour to eat through it all. Note as well that it would've stayed hot on a fairly long car journey, so it's ideal for those swinging by to pick up a speciality noodle dish before scurrying home.

The flavours in the Pad Thai were exactly right, sending thoughts of Thailand and long hazy hot days and the bustle of the streets back to my brain. The prawns were large and juicy and it contained just the right amount of vegetables to warrant a wholesome, healthy dish. The best part was, in true Thai style, there were ramekins of soy sauce and dessicated peanuts to sprinkle over the noodles to your heart's content.

It was a different experience, but most definitely an enjoyable one, and in truth I loved the leisurely 40 minutes I took to myself at the start of a long and busy week. I'm told they also have a Just Eat app, so this will definitely be my go-to treat when I can't be bothered to leave the house on a Friday evening. Prices are reasonable and I believe this is how the new owners will keep their local custom, as well as their tasty dishes which has evidently hit it off with locals according to Facebook reviews.

The owner is also a local man, and I would like to personally thank him for bringing a much needed slice of spicy sunshine to the Flintshire food scene.

How it rated:

ThaiDee, 8 Chester Street, Flint, Clwyd, United Kingdom CH65NR. Tel: 01352 731123.

Ambience 7/10

Service 9/10

Food 7/10

Children Welcome Yes

Disabled access Yes