A PUPPY aged just two weeks died of hypothermia after being left on the side of a street in Ellesmere Port.

The tiny creature was spotted by a concerned passer-by near the Groves Sports and Social Club on Chester Road at around 3.30pm on Saturday (March 3).

She was taken to Cambridge Road Veterinary Centre but sadly nothing could be done to save her.

Now animal lover Carol Pinchin, who has been looking after stricken dogs since she was eight years old, is urging the owner to come forward anonymously in case more puppies share the same fate.

She is also reminding all residents who may be struggling to look after their pets that they never have to abandon them as she, other rescuers or the RSPCA will always take them in.

Carol, 45, who runs a dog grooming business, told The Standard that she was willing to give the owners of the pup the benefit of the doubt and did not wish to judge them.

She said: “Usually when people dump animals they get left in a bag on a country lane where no one will find them but this little one was left on a main road near a bus stop.

“I think the owner wanted someone to find her and take her in but it was too late by the time someone did.”

She added: “I want people to know that this doesn’t have to happen, not in our town. The locals would have done anything to save her.”

The breed of the puppy is unknown but Carol said she was a “little chunky faced dog”, possibly a Bully.

She is concerned the same owners may have more puppies from an unplanned litter and said that she would be happy to take them in.

“This is happening more and more nowadays but it doesn’t have to,” Carol said. “It’s heart-breaking for the people who have to find these abandoned animals too.”

She suggested people search for animal rescuers on Facebook or call her directly on 07817 546424 if an animal needs emergency shelter.