AN ambitious project to recreate Chester Cathedral out of 350,000 LEGO bricks looks set to take slightly longer than anticipated.

Launched in April 2015 by then Mayor of London Boris Johnson, it sees visitors pay £1 to add a block to the model.

It is aimed at generating cash for the cathedral’s Education Trust and initially had an estimated completion date of 2019.

In the first year around 35,500 bricks were added and by the end of the second year the number had rocketed to roughly 91,000.

The Standard asked for the latest count, which is now said to be almost 127,000. This means that at the current rate the model should be complete in 2023.

The cathedral’s marketing manager Kevin Baxter conceded: “We still have some good progress to make!”

The Lego bricks come in 69 shapes and 11 colours, and volunteers have been painstakingly adding them to the structure of the miniature building.

People are being urged to help speed the process up by visiting the cathedral and buying a brick.