Renault has revealed its upcoming Megane hot hatch will have four-wheel steering.

Tuned by the French manufacturer's performance division Renault Sport, it will also be offered with a choice of Sport or Cup chassis.

Known as 4Control, the four-wheel steering technology has been used by Renault on the standard Megane and is designed to improve agility at low speeds, and stability at high speeds. It means the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the fronts at low speed to reduce the turning radius, and in the same direction when going faster to help keep the car steady.

Renault Sport engineers have put together two different chassis options for the new Megane RS. Sport is designed for owners who expect to use their cars every day and offers a compromise between comfort and performance, while the Cup chassis is much more focused for those who'll spend a lot of time on track.

The new Megane RS comes hotly anticipated as its predecessor was widely considered to be one of the best hot hatches on the market. When it went out of production, it was putting nearly 275bhp through the front wheels.

The new Renault Sport Megane will be fully revealed in September before going on sale early next year.