BOSSES at a Chester supermarket were left “stunned” when told they could not have a regular car boot sale due to a law from 1208. 
Tesco, on Frodsham Street, wanted to hold a monthly car boot sale at the store.
But the chain was told by a council officer it would only be able to hold four per year, using events licences.
A by-law from 1208, when the market was chartered, says that there can’t be another market within six and two third miles of Chester Market as the crow flies. 
Deputy store manager David Kaye said he was left “stunned” by the response as the shop wanted to hold the car boot sale in aid of Diabetes UK and also wanted to do so on a Sunday, when Chester Market is closed. 
Mr Kaye said: “We wanted to hold a regular car boot sale for charity and we got in touch with the council and got into negotiation and they quoted that act. A 1208 law – it is 2014. 
“We then asked about the regular car boots at the Countess and Chester Rugby Club they said they were long standing arrangements. 
“We had a car boot a couple of weeks ago and we had about 20 people wanting to know why we couldn’t do more than four a year. It does seem a crazy decision, especially when we only want to do around ten over the year.” 
The Leader was shown part of an email from CWaC’s markets team which outlined the council’s decision making process. 
It read: “Chester Market received Charter status in 1208 AD. In modern day terms, this charter protects local tradesmen and the selling of their wares from other markets operating within six and two third miles (as the crow flies). 
“Applications for additional markets within the chartered area may be made to the Markets Team within the Local Authority where consideration will be given and permissions may be granted, for limited dates on non-market days. 
“Markets operating outside of this remit will be in breach of the Market Charter which is held by the Crown and enforced by the local authority. 
“In terms of the Countess of Chester and the Chester Rugby club are historic Chester City agreements and withstand. 
“As outlined below Cheshire West and Chester Council are required to protect Markets and therefore regulations and rules are set in place.” 
The council was asked for a comment but had not responded at time of going to press.