AS for what is for many people the most anticipated pay day of the year arrives, Deliveroo has revealed the most impressive dishes that can be delivered to your home in Chester.

January 29 is the day that lots of us have been waiting for since the start of year – the first payday of 2018. To celebrate how flush the people of Chester might to feel this week, Deliveroo is revealing the top big ticket dishes available in the city, which locals can get delivered to their door in 30 minutes.  

Chester has one of the most diverse selections of cuisine in the UK. From American-style burgers from Burger Shed 41 and Coast to Coast to more exotic fare at Koconut Grove and The Chester Tandoori.

Will you splash out on a bottle of something expensive from Cork's Out this payday?

You can even have a traditional Sunday dinner (on a sandwich) from the York Roast Co brought to you any day of the week.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: “Chester has one of the most diverse and exciting foodie scenes in the UK, we wanted to share a little slice of the more luxurious items available to Deliveroo customers - just in case they feel like splurging after a month of tightening their purse strings”.

The Chateaubriand 16oz steak from Miller & Carter was the top dish on Deliveroo's list

The most expensive items aren’t food at all. Deliveroo also delivers alcohol to the doorsteps of Chester residents. The delivery company lists a £54 bottle of Tarquin’s Gin from Cork’s Out as the city’s most impressive item – but those really wanting to splash out can have a £190 bottle of Dom Perignon 2006 Champagne biked to their house in less than half an hour.

For the meat-lovers, there is the Chateaubriand 16oz steak from Miller & Carter priced at £46.95. Recommended to be shared between two and cooked medium rare, this steak is cut from the beef tenderloin and accompanied with fries, onion load, balsamic tomatoes and a choice of sauce.

For vegetarians, a picnic for two is available from Carluccio’s for £45.

Chester’s 5 most impressive dishes and tipples:

Tarquin’s Ginfrom Corks Out - £54.00

Chateaubriand 16oz steak from Miller & Carter - £46.95

Vegetarian Picnic for Two from Carluccio's - £45.00

Evan Williams Extra Aged Bourbon from Corks Out - £42.00

Suburban Steak Platter from The Suburbs, Hoole - £30.00

The steak platter from The Suburbs made it on to Deliveroo's list of impressive dishes

Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, working with more than 30,000 restaurants and 30,000 riders.

Last year, orders to people’s homes and offices in Chester increase by 240 per cent, with the number of riders in the city increasing from 26 to 76.