A HERD of bullocks invaded a golf course ploughing up two greens and several bunkers.

The hulking creatures broke through a fence from a nearby farmer's field before causing mischief at Bromborough Golf Club on Raby Hall Road on Tuesday evening (August 29).

They have also proved a major headache for the groundsman who faces an uphill struggle getting the course in tip-top condition for a major tournament this weekend.

Alisdair Mackay, general manager at the club, told the Standard: “There's been a fair amount of damage which we're dealing with as quickly as possible.

“It seems that the bullocks barged through a fence from the farmer's field and then ploughed their merry way across the course.”

He said the issue will likely cause an inconvenience to members and the club may have to consider temporarily adjusting the greens fees.

“The course is always in pristine condition for the finals weekend but it won't be for this one I'm afraid,” Mr Mackay said. “Some of the damage may take several weeks to fix.

“Those bullocks must be very heavy-footed as they've left some deep imprints in the greens.”

He said the course has been invaded by cows before but never from that side.