I was deeply saddened to read in the County Times that The Wyeside in Builth Wells is facing very difficult financial problems and may contemplate closure.

This would be deeply upsetting to many patrons.

Well deserved tributes were paid to those who are working so hard to keep this venue open, but I am astonished that no mention was made of a fundraising group.

No organisation can rely these days of the tightening of the belts on continual financial donations – we have to become involved as well.


Perhaps I have skipped over articles about fund raising efforts – if so then let’s have some more!

What about Bingo sessions, Table Top Sales, Coffee Mornings, etc?

Yes, they are hard work but can be fun – and every little helps. 

How I would love to become involved but at 85 years of age, confined to a wheelchair, and on continuous oxygen, I don’t think I would be much help.

More publicity would also help - most people are on social media these days.
If there could be an easier way of getting from the car park to the Wyeside that would be the icing on the cake.

Good luck to all those who volunteer their services and a huge thank you.
Pat Kennedy
Llandrindod Wells